Boost Your Financial Freedom by Social Networking

Posted on Mar 27 2010 at 12:25:53 PM in Employment & Work

It is quite normal that at the beginning of a New Year, majority of people all over the world make far reaching resolutions that will make them turn a new leaf not only in the next 365 days ahead but also for the rest of their sojourn in this side of the great divide. Some people, too, put their new ways of life for the months ahead in black and white as a guide in case they want to go out of order as the days emerge in order to ensure that they maintain a strict adherence to their conscientious intentions, while for others the resolutions are as good as the papers wrote them or their verbal pronouncements.


The major areas in which some people look forward to having a change of focus include human relationship, peaceful-coexistence, occupation, profession, behavioral influences, alcoholic consumption, abstinence from drugs, financial irresponsibility, closeness to spiritual matters, political alignment and participation, social patterns and many more areas of human endeavor.


It stands to reason that making plans for the new year is regarded by some people as taking the first step in the right direction for conscientiously correcting whatever mistakes (both deliberate and inadvertent) they must have severally committed during the out-going year taking into account the common saying that failure to plan is planning to fail woefully. The need, therefore, to plan big for the months ahead at the eclipse of the outgoing year in order to make a strong impact in the society cannot be overemphasized.


Since some people are naturally introversive, they always find it difficult to mix socially with those outside their immediate environments and all they need is to throw off the shackles of self-pity and recluse in order to harvest from the copious benefits of social networks. There are people, as well, who find it difficult to make friends easily because of poor or inferiority complex that have been their bane for so long and all they need is critical analysis of themselves and endeavor to break the intuitive iron complex in order to move ahead since it is not possible for one to be an island to oneself.


Building relationship, no doubt, is a priceless skill that can transform one to a great popularity and all one needs to do is to begin by helping people solve their common personal problems, respond to their yearnings and aspirations as well as making sure that they are trustworthy, surely they would be sought-after personalities all the time. Whichever way one looks at it, there is no way one can wholly succeed in any task without the support of others and that is the reason why social interaction in all areas of human endeavor is a matter of must in today’s world.


Whatever what one wants to achieve in life, connecting with people all the way is a high profit yielding venture, even if it is a matter of employment, large number of people have secured good jobs through the people they know and relate with either their pastors in the church, friends in the locality and even close or distant relatives. And if it is self-employment, it is the network of people that one relates with that can help one to stand on good footing through patronage after all, it is the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean.





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