Book Review of Debris: A World Built on Technology & Magic

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Book Review of Debris: A World Built on Technology & Magic

As I was looking at various books coming out this Fall, I kept seeing the book cover for Debris, Book #1 in the Veiled World Trilogy, by Jo Aderton. The cover artwork looked interesting but I mistook the novel for something it wasn’t. When I read a couple of very early reviews, I became intrigued by the concept and decided to try to snag an advanced readers copy from Angry Robot, the publisher. I’m really glad I did! Although this is considered a fantasy by some reviewers, to me it’s more a mix of science fiction and fantasy with some steampunk elements included. However you want to label its genre, it deals with issues that are very topical.

As a master architect on her world, Tanyana is one of the most privileged. With her 9-member circle, she mentally guides and manipulates pion particles into building and sculpting wondrous buildings and sculptures which are admired by all. As she is in the process building a masterpiece sculpture of Grandeur, she is surprised by a bureaucratic inspection team who want to observe her circle’s work to ensure the sculpture is meeting all regulations and criteria.


“It was the stronger pions, the lights that kept themselves hidden, dim, that together, my critical circle and I could manipulate. It took all nine of us to pry them free, to entice their cooperation and set them to work. But once we did, oh the wonders we could create.”


Tanyana is standing high in the air on the beams that make up the Grandeur sculpture’s wrist, while working with her team to create and lift one of its huge hands into place, when something goes terribly wrong. Her circle struggles to hold the pion particles together while some sort of wild, angry red pions sweep the area, bent on destruction. Then they invade all of the circle members’ minds, knocking them unconscious and literally knocking Tanyana off of the statue, dashing her to the ground far below and utterly destroying her masterpiece.

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