Book Giveaway & Review: Sanctus by Simon Toyne

Posted on Nov 21 2011 at 12:50:32 PM in Books

Book Giveaway & Review: Sanctus by Simon Toyne

I won a finished hardback copy of the bestselling Sanctus by Simon Toyne in a giveaway. There’s no real story behind how I got this novel. I saw the gorgeous book cover, decided to enter the giveaway, and won. I have to admit I was smitten by the book cover and had no idea what the book was about. Luckily it’s an excellent thriller! I’m really happy to be able to pass this novel along to a lucky reader.

Thousands of years ago there were two tribes. One was deeply jealous of the other’s excellent health and long life, so they stole the secret and went to great lengths to then hide and protect it. Over time this truth was swept away, as so many truths are when history is always written by the conquerors.

That secret became the Sacrament. It is far older than any organized religion, dating back to pre-history. It has been guarded for all this time in the Citadel in Ruin, Turkey by a group of monks known as the Sanctus. The Citadel is an unassailable fortress carved from a mountain that tourists come to marvel at. No one but the monks who dedicate their lives to protecting the Sacrament has ever been allowed inside and no monk leaves, at least not in modern times. Read the rest of my review and enter our giveaway at

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