body arts painting

Posted on Oct 27 2010 at 01:04:15 PM in Arts & Humanities

body arts painting
Fantasy Fest - Body Paint on Duval #fullpost{display:none;}

Fantasy Fest 2007 is well under way and Key West is hopping with partiers, body paint, and sexy costumes. This year's Alice in Wonderland theme is revealing itself (pun intented) with fun body art and creative costumes.


Nude Models #fullpost{display:none;} We're happy for Beyonce. Landing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover is no small feat. Take Marisa Miller, for example. She's nude here. No, really. But did the Dreamgirls star deserve to be promoted to such impressive status? While she's been busy catfighting with Jennifer Hudson and not marrying Jay Z, other models have been perfecting their poses. That Rolling Stones shirt is as real as Heather Mills' prosthetic leg. In other, less cruel words: it's body paint.On second thought, maybe Beyonce should remain on the cover from now on. Just give us Marisa, Gisele Bundchen and others looking like this on the pages that follow.
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