Blogging a beautiful Star filled sky.

Posted on Aug 17 2011 at 05:18:45 PM in Astronomy

O'siyo world,

As i stare from my part of the Earth, Scorpio is rising, with Sagittarius all ways ready with his bow,(my sign). I can see thousands from here, our neighborhood is fairly dark  , but if i head out into the prairie, which i am now, i cant even give you a number that i see, its a miracle, so wondrous, forever there. A exotic curve of sparkles , like tiny eyes winking from across the milky seas. I just want to yell, i want to know, i will always believe.
I am standing on a sea of grass but it might as well be clear as the heavens, the stars as so bright, its so dark, i Fear nothing. Our purpose is clear. If i should not rise tomorrow , thank the Lord i got to see this.

Wandering Crow.

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