Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Big Rides, Big Thrills

Posted on Aug 23 2011 at 06:53:43 AM in Travel

Like Morris Dancing and drinking cups of tea, Britain’s love of lightbulb-lit, seaside amusement parks accompanied by the merry sounds of Wurlitzer organs is as old as the hills and deeply ingrained into our culture.
Blackpool pleasure beach hotels attract swarms of eager and curious tourists, British and foreign alike, each year like moths to blinking lightbulbs and neon rollercoaster jungles. These people are of a totally different calibre to those who would typically be found reclining or putting within a UK Golf Hotel, which is of course understandable.
The Pepsi Max Big One is a scary looking ride. A brutal vertical drop of over 200 ft, this one gave me goosebumps and I sat at the top, realising to my dismay that it was far too late to request that the ride be halted so that I could disembark to my own relief and public embarrassment. But I didn’t and then the thing was dropping all of a sudden and then it was over and, well, I just wanted to queue up again and have another ride.
When I saw a ride called Valhalla, my immediate reaction was that it had a pretty awesome name and I wanted to get on it as soon as possible. My fear of the previous ride had evidently been forgotten pretty quickly, and foolishness spurred me forwards through the dense queue of chattering tourists. Slowly it dawned on me that the ride was actually concealed inside some kind of sealed bunker and my mouth went dry.  What lay beyond? I had never heard of an indoor ride like this before, apart from maybe my cousin mentioning something like it at Thorpe Park or something.
 Well, I’ll just skip to the end and say that it was dark, fast and assaulted me with the fury of the Norse gods!

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