Blackmail, Grief, Guilt, Sensationalism and Finally a Media Award?

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Anonymous calls and where they lead In 2005, when I was getting custody back of
my daughter, someone made an anonymous call to the Kennebec
Journal and said; "You want to write a story about a child killer
who's getting her daughter back?".

Well that prompted a series of phone calls to my attorney John Pelletier (who I have to say is one of my favorite people in the world and puts to shame all the lawyer jokes) and a month long process of negotiations with family court and the KJ about an interview. Needless to say, we granted the interview (which felt incredibly close to blackmail) in exchange for privacy for my daughter and I moved just prior to the article being published. Since it's available for everyone to read anyway, but in an out of context and unexplained narrative. I thought this would be the best place for the article to be seen. Since most of what is being made available is not being made available in its entire context.

So below are the two articles that appeared on April 11, 2005 (I always wondered if it were purposeful it was published the same day as Hunter died) The first was a sidebar beside the main article, explaining that I did not want to give an interview and had been coerced into it. I always thought it nice of them to at least mention that. Gary Remal interviewed me with my Attorney (John) present over the course of four hours.
Below is the basic result.

Oh Wait, the really big kicker? It won a National Media Award from National Mental HealthAssociation  (now Mental Health America) the Following Year. I'm
going to add that onto the end, but I'm also going to give it its own post. That was a really nice ending to such a crappy beginning....


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