Black Mesa – Tripmine Free Paper Model

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Black Mesa – Tripmine Free Paper Model

This papercraft is a Tripmine, an explosive trap which detonates upon any movement across the laser beam projected out perpendicular from the device, based on the FPS game Black Mesa of the Half-Life series, the paper model was created by Evgeniy Pelevin.

Tripmines are ideal as traps against mobile enemies. Most NPCs are oblivious to the beam and will walk through it. However, the developers of Black Mesa have stated that Marines will attempt to avoid tripmines when possible. This is logical due to the fact that the Marines themselves lay mines around Black Mesa in an attempt to kill the player as well as NPCs.

Explosives will set off other nearby explosives, so it is recommended that the player be aware of other nearby tripmines and explosive barrels. Tripmines can be detonated simply by shooting them. In addition, the user should be aware that the beam extends indefinitely and thus can be triggered from a distance, causing no damage to the intended target. Tripmines also can be triggered by any physics objects crossing their beams. Like satchel charges, the player can only carry a maximum of 5 tripmines with him.

Place a mine. It can be placed on any flat surface, usually a floor or a wall. The laser will appear after a brief warm-up period. At this time, the mine is active and will detonate if any contact is made with the laser beam, or if the mine itself is shot or hit by any weapon that is a firearm, explosive or melee weapon.

You can download this Black Mesa – Tripmine Free Paper Model Download

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