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I have a general question,every guy I want or think is interested in me,turns out to be nothing and I do not dare to ask or confess what I feel for that person and they tell me that I am the best girl and everything possible, but that´s initiative at all...or he don´t even see me as a possible girlfriend I wonder if you make some sort of love magic or something in order to get a little more luck in love and to become more interesting, that you can get the person ,i dont want to cope with this any longer.//


Evas respons: 

No, I do not work with black magic and love spells.

Oftentimes, bad luck is brought in by your own thoughts.To think about negative and continuing to ponder.All thoughts you have leads eventually to an event in one's life.Which makes it so dangerous to think too negatively, because it becomes a huge magnet that attracts even more.

A little tip that I can share
If you at bedtime relaxes for about 10 minutes and clears your mind completly.See a picture in your mind of yourself and how you are happy with someone or doing something together with that person.Repeat this vision exactly the same (almost like you have created your own movie) a few times a week for about 1 month and then release it.What happens .... You throw out new ideas to a larger universe consisting of energies and energy pulses which can then create the energy you need in your life to attract the things that you want.When you see a certain person it may not be him IRL if you are not supposed to have him, the universe will find the one that suits you.

Everything consists of energy, including us in every part of our body, which are small energy electrons and to work with an energy allows you to easily change multiple areas of your life.It´s really not that remarkable but a natural part of the law of nature.Write a list of what you would like to change and start with one thing at a time per month and you will see results.





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