BLACK ARK CREW (dub/reggae band from Serbia)

Posted on Nov 18 2010 at 06:21:47 AM in Music


Black Ark Crew was founded in 1999 as (quite possible) first dub band in Serbia. From roots dub in early beginning and large number of rendition songs, band slowly transits into more modern style, making more and more own songs, and mixing various styles such as hip hop or electro. However, dub remains core of the Black Ark sound. After several changes of the band members, from 2004 band plays in same formation, with addition of a one new member, in totally eight musicians. Current genre is hard to define since influences of lot of different genres are noticeable. Frequent improvisations are only adding to the diversity of sound. You can download for free some of the songs from this link: (copy/paste in the browser)


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