Binod Behari Mukherjee

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Binod Behari Mukherjee was a famous Indian artist. He had to overcome quite serious physical restraints for at early age a disease affected his eyesight. He created his masterpieces regardless that he was myopic with one eye and completely blind with the other. At the age of 50 he was unable to see, nevertheless this didn't stop him from painting.

Mukherjee was a student of the great Indian painter Nandlal Bose. He also adopted the teaching career and inspired many future artists who underwent his instruction in the subject “Art Theory”. The university he chose was the same one he had previously graduated from - Santiniketan's Kala Bhavan. In his paining Mukherjee mainly devoted to the murals expositions of landscapes. His sketches, however, were amazing as well, regardless of the lack of color in them. His works encompassed Western techniques combined with Indian or far Eastern traditions. In regard to the calligraphy, which was also an essential element of his work, he gained knowledge about its complexity by artists from Japan, which passed by his country in their search for muse and new experiences. Mukherjee did visit Japan himself and spent a couple of years there when he was in his mid fifties. His life and career achievements were immortalized in a documentary called "The Inner Eye". The movie deals with the complex physical situation the great painter turns out and his unfading stimulus and eagerness to continue creating amazing pieces.

He didn't limit the scope of the materials and techniques used in his works. Mukherjee used pastels, oils, watercolor, tempera and so on. Symbolism was highly unlikely to be observed in his paintings, for he rather preferred to express directly what lied before the eyes.

At later stage, when due to a surgery he completely lost his sight, Mukherjee developed a new way to proceed creating artistic pieces. He used to elaborate drawings centered on figurative expression, produced by an interesting technique of complex paper folding.

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