Bin Laden may be gone, but by no means forgotten

Posted on May 1 2012 at 04:39:45 PM in Politics

Bin Laden may be gone, but by no means forgotten

Officials are rightfully concerned about possible acts of terrorism against American interests and its people. Terrorists have been waiting patiently to discharge a bomb for some time now for other attacks against them and although there is no confirmed information about an attack, precautions are being taken to avoid being the victim of unwanted explosives. With the possibility of an attack, the department of transportation is especially concerned about individual locations being subjected to impending attacks, however they are not acting prematurely by any means. This administration is sparing no resource to gather any intelligence available to sniff out possible plans and stop anyone who may be responsible for them, before it actually takes place.


It is a difficult thing to earn someone’s trust, but when you are hit by a disaster things can go terribly wrong in a hurry. As the good folks in Washington consider some of the other problems that have been earning them international attention, could this be an indication of bad Karma. I am of the firm belief that everything we do has its consequences and while I agree that Bin Laden was not one of the better people around, I wonder if the leaders in this country took a minute to think things through before using the opportunity that presented itself. Nobody likes to invite disaster on themselves and I must believe that our beloved president did not have that in mind when he gave the order, but unless you happen to live elsewhere (not in the United States) you will find it hard to trust anybody who vaguely resembles a family member of Osama Bin Laden. No this is not stereo typing and you don’t have to work for any law enforcement agency to understand the association, all you have to do is to think about all the commuters who could end up as potential victims if something slips through.

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