Biggest Advantages of being a Six Sigma Certified Project Manager

Posted on Dec 1 2011 at 09:55:08 AM in Business & Economy

Originally developed by Motorola in 1986, Six Sigma is a business strategy that can highly improve the quality of product delivery which is critical to customer satisfaction. By shifting an organization’s focus to a define sequence of phases with identifiable financial targets, companies can increase profits or decrease costs.  Six Sigma’s basic strategy is to identify and remove defects and correct or minimize the effects of those variables that cause the defects to occur in their business processes. Six Sigma creates a unique structure of individuals who are experts in a set of quality management methods, such as quality control or quality assurance combined with statistics.


To set you apart from the pack, Six Sigma experts who are skilled of the concepts and its results can quickly climb to key employee status within an organization. Seen as a means to improve their current level of performance, key personnel strive for Six Sigma certification to improve in the following areas:


* Reaching certification allows employees to move into better paying positions.

* Allows you to provide specific details of successful Six Sigma projects on your resume, highlighting their cost efficient benefits based on your training and career experience.

* Easily identify the root causes of errors in project and production processes to implement improvements more quickly.

* Initiate improvements in operations and project delivery using the appropriate application of the key

* Six Sigma principles that reduces costs but drives customer satisfaction to new levels.

* Build better cohesive project teams that work collaboratively so that issues are proactively solved together as a unit.

* Superior communication skills, as provided by Six Sigma certification, allows participation levels to remain high amongst team members.

* Enables you to influence the abilities and skills of each team member more effectively to reach project goals.* Employers understand that project managers with Six Sigma certification foster stronger team unity with even stronger leaders at the helm.


Overall, businesses can see greater earning using project managers certified in Six Sigma.  Six Sigma places significant emphasis on return on investments, which allows for both management and employees to have a clear and identifiable goal.  Its methods allow organizations to focus on the customer’s needs and satisfaction rather than on its own internal motivations resulting in increased returns for shareholders. Another result of using certified Six Sigma project managers is watching not only the stock prices increase but the company’s reputation increase as well.


In addition to Six Sigma certification, be sure to stay up to date on your PDUs.  How do you feel about Six Sigma Certification?  Tell on our Project Management Facebook page!

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