Best Halloween Pirate Costumes and Pirate Ideas

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Still planning what to wear on Halloween this year? Well, better hurry up with your plans as Halloween is just around the corner. You wouldn't love to be deciding it till the end when everyone else would have their Halloween Costumes ready and all set to go. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Vampire etc? Is it confusing? Well, don't be! Read this post to see what can add fun to your Halloween this year.

Here is the best theme that can suit your whole Family. Get your family together and checkout the Best Pirate Costumes this year for Halloween. Or dress up group costumes

Halloween is the most excited holiday for all in USA. Everyone gets to dress up their favourite characters. Decorating the house in Halloween Style with  Jack-o-lantern, families carving scary faces on pumpkins and vegetable, children going from home to home to demand sweets, snacks or a small gift. Halloween gives everyone's spirit a little high. Preparation for Halloween starts months before Halloween. Everyone is excited about getting new costumes for themselves.


There are two ways to get your costume for this Halloween Season, either buy a perfect costume for yourself online or try something different this year, make a costume for yourself. Make a costume at home? Is that the question popping up in your head with raised eyebrows? Well it’s easy to get yourself a perfect rugged Pirate costume made at home. Worried about the cost of the material, no need to, your old will come to rescue to get you a perfect costume this Halloween.

Let’s get going on making a Homemade Pirate costume this Halloween. Let’s get started with men’s pirate costumes. Get out those old white shirts lying back in your wardrobe? Make sure the shirt has no logo, flowers or slogans written on it. A plain white shirt would be great if with long sleeves that’s even better. The upper is ready just a plain white shirt, nothing to be done on that! You are half done already. It’s as easy as pie.

Now let’s get on to the bottoms i.e. the pants. You must have noticed pirates usually wear baggy and rugged pants. They are easy to create, just dig into your old clothes and find black pants or if you have brown or grey pants that would also go! There are two ways in which you can create pants. The first way is to get black pants that are a little tight but not uncomfortable. The second way it’s to get pants that are quite baggy. Now cut the bottoms of the legs off so that they are just below the knee. You should cut the bottoms in a zig zag pattern, so that they look old and worn out. If they don't come in real shape you can rub against rough surface. Now you are done with your pants. This can be used by both men and women.

So now men are done, ladies who want to dress as swash buckling pirate? Here are your tips to be the Pirate of the town. Ladies it’s great fun to make a pirate costume for yourself and a money saver too. So, all set to be the stylish Pirate in town. Let’s start with the basic i.e. a puffy plain old white shirt from the stack of your old clothes. Don’t have white shirt? Nothing to worry about, try looking for it in your man's wardrobe. Make sure the shirt is old and a crisp new business shirt. Old shirt will give a rugged effect to your Pirate look. To give more of a pirate look, go for a bustier or a vest over that white shirt. You can go for a black or any dark colored bustier/vest. And your top is ready.

For the bottom, ladies you have two choices either you can go for a skirt or with pants. Pants can be either leather or normal pants. If you are going with a skirt, go in for black or brown skirt. Cut the edges of the skirt roughly to the length you desire. If pants are what you are comfortable in, find those nicely fitted pants make sure they aren't too tight. If you are using leather pants, make them rub on wall to give an old look to the shiny leather. With this, it completes the look for you. 

The costumes are ready, what complete a costume is accessories. Boots, earrings, bandana, belts form an important part of the Pirate look. For boots, women can go in for calf or knee-length boots with both skirts and pants. Men can try on long boots too. If you don’t have long boots, go for those old black torn shoes you might have. For head accessories, pirate hats are the popular ones. Or even a Bandana in red or black can be used by both men and women. For women's you can go in for some rustic jewelry like round hoops, rustic round rings, bangles to give that complete pirate look for yourself. You can buy Skull and Crossbones Adult Necklace online. Wear whatever you think looks good on you. But make sure you don’t overdo your look.

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Isn’t it easy to create a costume for yourself, get yourself into action before it’s too late!


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