Best Costumes for Crossdress & Best Ideas

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Have you ever tried dressing as a woman? It is hard work to pass off but I will help you out with that.

Ideas below make you to have a perfect feminine image. Whether it’s going out in public for the first time, or getting your makeup right. Here you will find how to look your feminine best – from makeup to fashion and beauty routines. Your femininity will be taken to the highest level.


Dominatrix PVC Bustier

Wear sexy leather or latex corset with underwire cups and zipper front closure. Put bro underneath and fill it with some cotton or silicon to make boobies because some part of them will be shown. Do not forget about garters and thongs. If you do not want to wear garters wear matching with whole colour of your costume boots. Additionally to look more mysterious you can put latex mask and leather gloves. Put some mascara on your eye lashes to underline female’s look. Wax or if you are afraid of pain just shave your arms and armpits. Also if you will decide on garters make sure you also shave your legs unless your legs hair is bright or you will be wearing dark garters. However hair from the thighs has to be removed because it will be uncovered part of your body. In case you will not be wearing gloves put ring with the big diamond on your finger and polish your nails with some intense colour. That will catch the attention for sure. Deciding on dark colour costume wear bright hair wig if whole outfit is bright put darker wig. While walking hips should be rotating in a swinging fashion and the shoulders rotate in response. so you can crossdress, dressup as Dominatrix PVC Bustier. Go for it!

Description: Sexy PVC corset with underwire cups, zipper front closure, ruffled edges, lace-up back. adjustable garters and matching thong. Shipping: This product ships Worldwide.

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3pc Naughty Nurse and Stockings-White

Here white colour is urgent. The best would be to put some tight jumpsuit and headband which describes a nurse perfectly. Stockings with lace ends will add more sexappeal. Colour your lips with red lipstick and put red nail polish. Except that, your make up should be rather delicate

. Obligatory shave your arms and legs. Also shave your face it has to be nice and smooth when some patient is going to touch you ;) So much jewellery is not suggested but you can wear some little ones just to be more girly. You can put long or short hair wig. Colour does not really matter. While walking keep your legs close together, while your feet seem to be treading an invisible line. This is difficult to do if you’re wearing heels so rather wear the flat one.

Description: Daring front opened buckled nurse jumpsuit. So you can crossdress, dressup as Naughty Nurse. Includes stockings and headband Shipping: This product ships Worldwide. Manufacturer/Brand: G World Intimates

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