Best All in One Social Network Tools for Mobile

Posted on Nov 29 2012 at 06:26:32 PM in Entertainment

With so many social streams to check, the average person spends a considerable amount of time checking Facebook, Twitter and the myriad other platforms used. Whether you check your updates from your phone or tablet, there is no doubt that social media manager apps offer the best way to enjoy an ‘all in one’ approach.

Rather than going from Twitter app to Facebook, then LinkedIn back to Twitter, these tools keep your mentions, comments, updates and conversations in one stream. This makes it far easier to check up on your profiles, without the hassle of going back and forth to each stand-alone app.

Android Apps to Manage Your Social Feeds

You may use social for fun or for work, but however you use it, finding a smart, simple way to track your streams is the way forward. Have a look at some of these handy social media managers to get your social profiles more organised.

Here are lists of  Best All in One Social  Tools for Android and IOS Mobile

Seesmic – starting out as a social video aggregator, Seesmic has become one of the most popular social media managers for just about every device and platform. This tool allows you to integrate your Twitter,

Youtube, Facebook and other social streams, with a host of plugins for the desktop version. This makes for smooth computer to phone transition too.

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