Being Alive

Posted on Feb 23 2013 at 02:55:53 PM in Performing Arts

In the company of friends

No one wants to be alone.  You may want some "alone time," that's different.  Sharing what you have, not just things but yourself too, can be a scary proposition.  The Sunday Night Blog looks at this through examples from the Broadway musical, Company:  Robert is single and alone but is he really alive?  He has friends but he does not have a mate.  The thought if being with someone scares him.  It is a scary thing for many of us too.  The Blog commentary uses some of the advice given to Robert by his friends.

At the end of the article, click on the video link.  You will see the talented Neil Patrick Harris.  In the scene leading up to the final song of the play,, Being Alive, Robert's friends try to give him (NPH) some advice.  Harris' performance of the song, Being Alive, will not disappoint.


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