Before you purchase your next computer....

Posted on Jun 3 2012 at 07:37:27 PM in Computers & Internet

Before you purchase your next computer....

When people get ready to purchase a new computer it seems that they never really pay attention to the kind of security that the computer comes with. The stark reality of it all is that if your next purchase when you are thinking about a computer, especially one that has a windows operating system on it, is that you should never leave the store without knowing what it comes with. Most new computers with the windows OS on them come with an anti-virus program of some sort, at least for a trial basis. Most of these trials will last for at least thirty days with the option to pay for an annual subscription when that period runs out.


Whether you decide to renew the subscription of you switch to one of the free anti-virus options, you should do something, because if you don't you will likely end up picking up one of those unwelcome viruses that the Internet is so well known for. Your computer is an important part of your life, at least it is where I am concerned, so why take chances with the risks out there. You would not leave you home open for anyone to walk right in, so whey leave your computer that way. The only reason why you should not be concerned about installing anti-virus software is if you never intend to connect to the Internet, or if you plan on installing an operating system like Ubuntu or Mac. The safety of your computer will depend on the gateway you have installed on your computer, so make certain that you do the right thing.

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