Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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Who said guest bedrooms have to be boring!  Having made the effort to ensure your friends are comfortable and well entertained, it's a shame to make them feel special only to then accommodate in a forgotten room packed with unwanted items.

Creating a guest bedroom is not as difficult as it may seem.  Roominaboxx, shares a few essential bedroom design ideas to help you look after your guests.

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Keep your guest bedroom clean and free of clutter to ensure your guests can get a good nights sleep.  Not everyone can sleep well in a room full of clutter.

Source - - Me Too chair, French Bedroom Company.

Include comfortable seating in your guest room for your guests to relax, read or for accommodating items.  Select seating that fits into your chosen colour palette and design scheme.

Source - F&F Diamante Heart And Circular Frames, Angel Mirror Dressing Table/desk, Angel Mirror Chest Of Drawers, Lille Ivory Dressing Table Mirror, Lille Ivory Stool, Raspberry Marie Therese Chandelier, all from Tesco.

Give your guests somewhere to get ready.  A vertical full length mirror is a must have.  If your guest room has the space you could include a dressing table area.  All bedroom spaces vary, so make the most out of existing features.  If your space is limited, you could use a shelf to make a dressing table area and hang a slimline mirror above.

Source - - Pauline's pretty throw, French Bedroom Company.

Make it easy for your guests to control the temperature in the guest room.  Giving your guests layers of bedding allows them to add or remove layers as necessary, helping to ensure a good nights sleep.

What's your best experience of a guest bedroom?  Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

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