Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Review

Posted on Jan 12 2013 at 08:26:06 AM in Fitness

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Review

For professional athletes, fighters, and serious weightlifters the right supplement is crucial in helping them achieve their peak performance. One such go-to supplement that these people swear by is creatine, one of the most popular supplements out there in the market today. But for those that don’t want to buy just any product this Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder review will inform you of its quality and will tell you if you should buy this creatine or not.


There are many creatine products in the market today. Some have many promises however, in the Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder review we will try to stick to the bare facts of the product. Nevertheless, what is Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder? Beast is a creatine powder that boasts the combination of four types of creatine, unlike other products that makes use of only one or two types of the compound.


The first type of creatine that Beast has is the most popular form of the compound   creatine monohydrate. Creatine is known for helping the body build muscles but to be more specific, creatine monohydrate actually helps you by recharging your muscles with adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the body’s source of explosive energy.


Another form of creatine that it makes use of is creatine anhydrous, or creatine which has no water molecules combined to it. Just like creatine monohydrate, it is responsible for helping the body bulk up at the same time replenish your muscles with ATP.


Creatine AKG (alpha-Ketogultaric acid) helps the body reduce ammonia thereby relieving the body from ammonia toxicity, but more importantly, it helps people push themselves to the limit of their performance. Moreover, the last type of creatine, Creatine MagnaPower, helps the body achieve more by combining the compound with magnesium.


However, this unbiased Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder review should inform you that there is actually no significant difference in using four different types of creatine but it does help guarantee you that the creatine will work.


Onto the more basic qualities of the Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder review which is its mixability. Many products today, especially the powdered form of creatine, require a powerful blender to have it all mixed up. Beast on the other hand mixes well and quite easily too. There are some sediments that settle at the bottom but that is inevitable for all creatine products.


For those that do not want such an overpowering taste in their creatine drink, Beast is for you. Beast does taste well but it can be quite subtle. For those that do not want such a strong artificial flavour in their supplement, Beast should be your choice.


As for the most important part the Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder review, how effective is it. Beast is very effective in building muscle mass, giving you an immediate feel of your muscles developing after your work out and you can get it for rock bottom prices with a promotion code for With continued use, you can quickly see that the Beast is doing its job in helping you bulk up.

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