****Be Aware****

Posted on Feb 21 2011 at 08:49:14 AM in House & Garden

****Be Aware****

With so many in the construction industry out of work at this time there is alot of "Jacks of all trades" advertising to build fences,This is not to say most will not do a good job but I am Doing more and more repairs on on fences in Raleigh,Cary and the rest of the Triangle where the job was just not done correctly,with substandard materials or insufficient materials for the job.For example, A 6' wood fence should have 8' post set in at least 22" of concrete,3 2x4 horizontal rails,ring shank galvanized nails and if they use 4x6 or 6x6 post for the gates, Even better! I am seeing more 6' fences built with 4' framework,no concrete and cheap gate hardware.

In Raleigh and the Triangle area,There are alot of GREAT fence contractors,Most cannot compete with the price these handymen are quoting,I could look at it as job security because I am repairing alot of their work,But it is at the customers cost,A cost you should not have to pay.Wouldnt you like to feel confident that the contractor you hire will still be around in a year or more if you need warranty work done!
I would suggest checking a company out with the BBB and Google the company name,This will give you a good view of any complaints and info on the company,You will find that a few companies have multiple domains and websites,This can be deceiving and Just because a company has a nice website is not a good reason to hire them.I am always happy to try to answer any questions,Whether you hire my company or not please call anytime.
Looking forward to hearing from you!---Kevin

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