Basic Stain Solutions You Should Know

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Nobody likes to see a stain on his/hers shirt or carpet. Still, accident do happen and they happen a lot. You may try, but you can't totally prevent them. However, you can learn a few easy and efficient ways how to handle with the common stain problems. According to end of tenancy cleaning Islington experts you should use the following cleaning tips in order to achieve good cleaning results: Blood Stains:
Blood stains can be very stubborn. To remove such stain, start blotting the blood from the stain as much as possible. Combine half a cup of cool water with one tablespoon of ammonia and apply  this onto the stain. Blot up as much as possible. Then, spray with another solution. This time use one quart of water to 1/4 cup of dish detergent. Blot up again. Keep doing this until the stain completely disappears. If you still have problems with it, use hydrogen peroxide. Let the stain sit in it for about an hour. Then rinse well.
Candle Wax:
If you have had a candle drip wax onto your carpeting, act very careful. As a beginning, remove as much of the debris as you can with your fingers. Moisten a cloth with warm water or use a paper towel and place on the area. Place a warm iron on top of it to warm and melt the wax. Keep the paper towels moving so that it absorbs the wax.
Grass Stains:
To remove grass stains, use rubbing alcohol that you place right on the grass stains of clothing. After that wash as usual. Alternatively, use Fels Naphtha which is a soap that has been used for centuries. Rub with detergent and wash as normal. White vinegar is very useful as well. You may apply some of it and you will remove those grass stains for sure.
Make Up and Lipstick:
End of tenancy cleaning experts sugget you to use a pad that contains dry cleaning solvent and treat the stained with it. This product will easily remove these types of stains. Rinse well and launder if possible. If the stain persists, prepare a solution of 1/2 teaspoon of mild dish detergent mixed with a teaspoon of ammonia to 1/2 cup of water. Always blot these stains with the detergent and keep turning them to pull out the stain.

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