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Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 07:10:14 AM in How-To

In recent years, a new trend is forming and it's bringing design materials to their bare basics. In other words, people are choosing more and more natural materials for their interior designs. For example, paper walls and grass cloth are more widely used now to give rooms a peaceful and relaxing look.


This is often combined with natural fiber flooring choice, consider seagrass, sisal or jute instead of the regular artificial carpet fibers. These natural fibers vary quite a lot in terms of durability and stain resistance so it might be a good idea to consult with some pro cleaners Parkville cleaning companies are well experienced with natural fibers and can advise you accordingly before your purchase – feel free to give them a buzz.


When choosing the right natural fiber for your floor covering, don't be put off by irregular appearance of the materials – keep in mind they are harvested in nature and have been subject to pretty much all the elements – their irregular appearance actually makes them even more authentic and attractive in looks. Rattan and woven furniture is a great looking and durable choice – such pieces of furniture look awesome both indoors and outdoors. When choosing natural materials consider which of those can handle cleaning, especially important if you use regular  cleaning Parkville companies are quite knowledgeable and will take good care of natural fibers but again, it is better to go for durable and lasting natural materials. Mother Nature has also provided us with great window solutions.


Bamboo blinds are always in fashion and nowadays they come in a variety of sizes and stained colours. They are also moisture resistant and don't get affected much by intense sunlight. Since there is a variety of bamboo blinds to choose from, you can either get them installed on the inside of the window or in between the window panes, if you have double windows or have them installed on the very outside of the window and turn the blinds into fully functional window coverings.

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