Attractions from Hyde Park to Covent Garden

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Visitors to this part of central London will find many fascinating things to see and do. From shopping to museums, from restaurants to pubs, the area between Hyde Park and Covent Garden is packed with history and classic London charm. There is plenty to spend money on, but there are also lots of things to experience that cost little or nothing.

Hyde Park itself is a fantastic place for a picnic or just people-watching. One of the largest parks in London, it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets of London. If you’re there on a Sunday morning, be sure and catch the action at Speaker’s Corner, where impromptu oratory is the order of the day. Speechifying on just about any subject can be heard from anyone who has a step-ladder to pontificate from and a strong opinion on various and sundry subjects.

A stroll through Mayfair and the shopping streets will afford the visitor with a chance to see some of the most exclusive and expensive shops, homes and hotels in London. There’s no charge for window-shopping, though, and there are actually many shops that cater to the less-than-well-heeled.

Covent Garden Market and the surrounding district are also full of shopping opportunities and places of interest. There are many hotels near Covent Garden market and all of the above-mentioned areas are withing easy walking distance of a Hyde Park hotel or one in the Covent Garden district.

The entire area contains much of what people come to London for - shopping, dining, entertainment, museums and more. For such a large city, it’s somewhat amazing how much there is to see in the space of just a couple of square kilometres. Hyde Park, Soho, Chinatown, Covent Garden, the Thames, Mayfair, King’s College - all within strolling distance...

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