Athru.....the tears

Posted on Sep 13 2011 at 08:07:05 AM in Literature

Athru.....the tears

Hi folks ...i am back again with my latest update on the blog...This ghazal of mine is about human emotions which are highly talked about in any form of poetry.

Athru is Punjabi word for tears.....I have started by expressing that tears always depict situation of our mind.

For a person with no emotions tears are merely a saline water which emits out of the human eye but if the person really feels about tears these are the expression of one's feeling at inner level.

Tears are with us in state of grief and happiness both. If you remember your near and dear ones by heart, tears automatically flow of of the eyes.

In the state of pleasant surprises and immense happiness one can'nt control its tears. you can feel this in variuos award cermonies when tear flow out of happiness.

At last i have expressed that one can not tolerate the tears in eyes of near and dear ones.

So guys see you soon.

gurpreet Matharu



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