ASUS again! With Jelly Bean?

Posted on May 17 2012 at 08:18:35 PM in Hardware

Hey folks! Work has been draining my freaking life force! Anyway, it's been a while since I posed something up and today I got some interesting rumor. Of's a rumor so do not get tooooo excited, like me

So, a few weeks back a rumor surfaced about the Galaxy Nexus Tab...or basically a Pure Google Tablet and I made a post suggesting that there is a high chance that it would be made by Samsung...BUT now the rumor has shifted and the supposed Jelly Bean, aka Android 5.0 First Tablet will be an ASUS one.

Asus has won several awards for innovation and technology for the Transformer and then the Prime. Also just recently they announced the Padfone, Infinity Series as well as the 300 Series. Those are all amazing devices...but it all boils down to price. The 300 Series is rumored to being sold at $300 which is awesome for a Quad Core tablet! However, Asus didn't stop there. They announced the Memo Pad, which is a Tegra 3 Based Quad Core 7" Tablet at the delicious price of $250...Now, the new rumor begins...

The Amazon kindle fire sold 5million of them in 2011, the year it got launched and also not at the start of the year but more of approaching the end of 2011. Asus and Google will supposedly team up, to produce a Quad Core Tablet, running the FIRST Android 5.0, so Jelly Bean AND the price would be $200, like the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Google must have felt that if they don't act to fast, people might just switch to the Custom Android OS for the Fire. All that's left is for us to wait and see what's coming up this year. There is the Google I/O event in Q2 of this year, let's see what it will unveil for us!

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