Astoria NY Cosmetic Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening

Posted on Jan 31 2013 at 12:50:54 PM in Medicine

Astoria NY Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz provides professional teeth whitening for patients whose teeth are discolored or who want to achieve a brighter smile that will make them feel more confident and leave a lasting impression.

Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz is pleased to announce professional teeth-whitening take-home kits for patients who have yellow or stained teeth or who want a whiter, more beautiful smile. With these kits, in just 7-10 days, patients can achieve a brilliant smile that will make them look significantly younger and feel more confident.

In an effort to provide patients with a comprehensive array of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz provides the Ultradent at-home teeth whitening kit. In a single office visit, Dr Leibowitz creates custom whitening trays for both upper and lower teeth. The patient uses the custom whitening trays with a professional bleaching gel, which will penetrate both the enamel and dentin, dramatically whitening teeth, without damaging tooth structure.

 “We are excited to provide a teeth-whitening system that patients can use in the comfort of their own home,” says Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz. “The result is a more beautiful, brighter smile that looks significantly whiter, yet completely natural. With good oral hygiene and by avoiding substances that are known to stain teeth, our teeth whitening results can last for years.”

 For complete information about teeth whitening in Astoria, NY, and all cosmetic dentistry services offered by Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, visit or call (718) 728-8320 to schedule a free consultation.


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