Asthma and Preservatives

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Asthma and Preservatives

Food Preservatives can Cause Asthma
Sulphite preservatives are some of the worst additives that cause asthma.

'But I don't use sulphites or even know what they are!', I hear you say.

Well you don't have to know what they are but I bet you are probably eating them.

Sulphur dioxide - Preservatives 220-228
Sulphur dioxide, the same as sulphites, is preservative 220.  You will find some preservatives or additives listed in the ingredients, mostly hidden away in small type on the back of food packaging. You will also see othe numbers between 220 and 228. Beware of all of these.

A person may get asthma from a food but not get the attack of asthma immediately. Sulphites build up in your system and when another trigger is added, eg exercise or cold air, the bronchial tubes can take no more and react, bringing on an attack of asthma.

Sulphites are Found in Everyday Food and Drink
Sulphites can be found in dried fruit including sultanas, raisins and apricots and in fruit flavoured drinks. It is also found in meat in sausages and rissole and often in minced meat. Adults who suffer from asthma may be surprised to know that the alcohol they drink in the form of beer or wine also contains sulphites. They are also found in french fries and hot potato chips.

If you think you may be affected by sulphites/sulphur dioxide, start eliminating these foods mentioned and start reading the labels on the food you buy. You may be pleasantly surprised to find your asthma ease and eventually be a thing of the past.

You are the person most interested in your health and that of those around you. Make a start to better health today. Happy detecting.

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