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Posted on May 13 2012 at 06:41:44 PM in Television

We always see TV commercials, ads on the internet or we hear commercials on the radio about how Dish, Verizon Fios, AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV or Time Warner will offer a certain amount of channels for whatever price; and the commercials state it’s the best package for the best price. For example, a package that has over 150 channels for only $30 a month.

At that point the customer thinks “OK, so I will get 150 channels for $30 a month? That’s great!” but that’s when the customer should be thinking “OK, but which channels are included?”. You don’t want to get a package that includes a whole bunch of channels that you will never watch. That’s like paying for a cheeseburger and then taking out the cheese.

Another question customers must ask themselves is how many TVs do you want to be connected to the service? This matters because you will be charged for however many TVs you decide to have connected. Sometimes the first TV is free, but then after that you might get charged a fee every month to have the other TVs connected to the service.

To take it a step further, how many of those TVs that are to be connected do you want to have High Definition programming on them? There is a difference between standard definition and HD. To some it matters more than others and that’s fine. Back to the cheeseburger analogy; don’t pay for the cheese if you aren’t going to eat it. There’s no purpose in having HD programming if you want it or aren’t going to use it.

I won’t tell you that AT&T U-Verse is better than Verizon Fios or that DirecTV is better than Dish, I am simply here to inform customers to gather information and details before purchasing from a company and being locked into a one year or two year contract. 


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