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Posted on Jan 16 2013 at 07:22:07 PM in People

"There but for you go I." 

That is the sentiment this week at the Sunday Night Blog.  The author has seen someone in the streets and lately all over town.  Perhaps you have seen him too.  That is why the author takes a moment to consider the homeless who panhandle in the cold in the mean January winds:  Of course there a lot of opinions on those who come with their hands out for some loose change, and not all of the sentiment is kind.  How does someone find himself in this situation?  Why does he not get help, get cleaned up and get a job?  It is hard to judge the circumstance of the lonely soul who is begging to get by.

The author recounts the feeling of his mother.  She was born in 1920 and lived through what we now call the Great Depression.  There was nothing great to say about it of course, but she did have something to say about those who found themselves in a bad situation today.  Drop by and take a few minutes to read.

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