Are You Using Social Media Correctly

Posted on Jan 6 2014 at 09:38:27 PM in Web-2.0

As the popularity of the social networks continue to grow, so will you and you business. But, before you dive in head first you really need to know what is is you are getting into and how to use this effectively.

Get it right and you will see your website traffic improve and sales grow. Get it wrong and you would have wasted all your time and efforts with very little results to talk of.

Below is a few ways you can effectively use social media marketing right now.

Joining Social Networks

Before joining any social network and there are many to choose from, check out what others are posting about and what categories are listed on the site. This will tell you straight away what interests are being discussed and shared on the site and whether or not your business would be of interest.

Building Relationships

Once you find the network that fits your business, and this is where it gets tricky. You need to offer help and even light friendly chatter about different things to build relationships and then also through in a few lines of text about your business and how those products or services may make some ones life a little easier.

You can even offer a discount to those within the network as a way of building even stronger relationships and even getting real world testimonials. But, in saying that you also need to be prepared for critizim from some they is really no way around that regardless of what you talk about on the networks.

You can however also capitalize on that by the way you handle the negativity from others and if you can turn them around you will have a customer for life.

The Right Business Profile

When completing your profile make sure you can add in as much information about your business as possible, if any one is serious about doing business with you then they will look to your profile first. A poorly written profile will lead to a poor experience with social media.

Don't Become Discouraged

It is going to take time to get use the way things work on the different social networking sites so just hang in there spend time seeing what others do and always learn from your mistakes. As long as you are not offending or just blatantly posting promotion after promotion your social profile will survive and recover from any small amount of negative activity.

Social Media Is The Future For Small Business

Whether you want to believe it or not this is the future for small business, you can no longer rely on the search engines to bring you traffic and with out traffic you will have no exposure or sales.

Embrace this new media and you will continue to prosper, shy away from it through fear or simple ignorance and you will pay a heavy price. You need to be getting more exposure for your business with social media marketing.