Are you sure you want to live in Heaven ?

Posted on Apr 10 2012 at 09:21:50 AM in Religion & Spirituality

Are you sure you want to live in Heaven ?

I was not aware at all that issue would start nagging at me eventually...By the time my little one popped up the question: “Dad, where is the Heaven?” Yes, I heard this question being asked for many times before.




Nevertheless, I never chased after the answer…Phew! Where is that Heaven for Heaven’s sake?

”It’s upabove the sky...” I replied to my son. He eagerly kept asking: “O.K., where in the sky?” When you have nothing to say, you just either stall for time or talk nonsense...and I did the second one: “Look son! In heaven, everybody lives in peace and there is no death to us, humans…” He interrupted impatiently: “Dad, I know it there. But I don’t know where it is.” I asked him to give me some time to find out a better answer (Yes I said that!) Other than that stinging question; one gets curios about other facts of it…like “how big is It?” and “Is It next to the Hell?” While those tough questions were parading thru my mind, I just remembered my college days… I was seeking for the divine truth like any other peer of mine at school…During those days; it was trendy to question almost everything abstract or dogmatic. But this time...C’mon, it’s different now. Lots of changes swept thru my life since then. Imagine yourself…Over time you start a career...a marriage and kids following afterward. You learn to stand on foot firmer than those old days. The Heaven turns into a blurry word just like many others as time passes along… On the other hand, I still had to find an answer for my kid. Once I looked thru all the written texts telling the Heaven, there is no an exact clue where the spot of Heaven is. Honestly, I did not expect to find out a GPS coordinate showing the location; but at least a description would work for me. It’s been said there are 6 layers of skies up (Some say 7). Everybody must be pure and without sins to deserve to live there. Angels will welcome the lucky residents (like meJ) I guess I started being more curious than my son regarding the next life. Regarding the answer, I decided to tell him it’s in another galaxy that we did not discover yet (This will not satisfy his curiosity, thoughL). Stop right at this point and answer please; you really want to go to Heaven, right? Is there any one among you who does not want to live in Heaven? Cool! So, all of us want to go and live there. Now we can proceed… This Afterlife being is known to all; Nonetheless, nobody‘s been there yet. If the location is in a far-away galaxy, how will so many spirits -waiting for the end of the worldly life- be transferred to the Heaven? What a big organization! I’m not an atheist and believe in God. However, I’m really curious about this big journey. The devil’s advocate in me is waking up…For a moment, are we really sure the Heaven is a great place to live in? Billions of spirits will start living in a much-loved place and their lives will be eternal. No more wars no wore working…So, what will happen next? I believe we have some missing parts which we are bound to uncover in future. Imagine, we wake up and have a great breakfast and o not go to office. Whatever we want to do, we will do it there… Say, we would want to go swimming someday. And we would start swimming right away anytime we want…What about my brother he hates swimming…What if I wish to swim with him and want him swimming for the first time…I’m sure he would not wish to swim there…So, our wishes will clash….However, we were said there will definitely be no problems or conflicts there…So now? I should say there would be some drawbacks of leading a Heavenly life. It would be boring to take a trans-heaven trip on a seat next to a caveman. We will not see any parade on a veterans day (Gosh! how boring!). And also, we will not know who will explore Mars first either.   What language will people speak to each other? What if the Chinese is picked as the official Heaven language? I don’t want to spend my time taking Chinese classes (It would not work, though) C’mon this is Heaven and I want to be happiest. That’s why I’m here; but, not for Chinese classes, right? By the way! How am I supposed to travel? Shall I drive? Chances are people will take light-speed trips. But I would be dizzy at high speed. Shall I be able to take a more conventional vehicle like my car? Maybe they would say: “Sorry, we do not have highways to drive on here buddy!” No wars and no guns …my cousin will be bored to death there...He’s a big hunter…It’s like killing him to strip all the shotguns of him. Stop yelling for a big mac! You cannot find any fast food there. It’s not healthy, remember? Rumor has it, even gatorade is banned there. Don’t mention the coke. Now say again: “Do you really want to live there?”   I’m really confused now. I believe our Afterlife interpreters miss something…If you find it out please let me know.      

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