Are we irreplaceable?

Posted on Apr 16 2012 at 11:05:33 AM in Health

Are we irreplaceable?

I don't know about you but I used to look forward to my annual vacation when that time came. This was a time when I could enjoy slowing down and resting, or as some would say, get that much needed R & R. Like many others today I consider myself as a workaholic and as difficult as that habit may be to maintain, it is even that much more difficult a habit to break. We need to understand that as human beings we do not survive well (especially long term) under stress, and we all know what happens to people in high stress jobs.

It is unfortunate but there are people who refuse to take time off from their job and there are a few reasons for this, one of the biggest being lack of being in control. We feel certain that there is nobody around to handle our responsibilities and the ship will sink if we leave it even for a moment. That would of course mean that we could not be replaced and we all know that there is nobody on the face of the earth that cannot be replaced.

Some people believe that if they were to take time off someone would step in and by the time they come back they will be looking for another job. I have news for you, everyone of us can be replaced and you will see that for yourself when that unfortunate day rolls around, the only thing that cannot be replaced is the position you hold with regards to your family, you might want to take better care of yourself.

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