Are There Risks To Virtualization?

Posted on Jan 14 2013 at 05:03:53 PM in Computers & Internet

Are There Risks To Virtualization?

Virtualization is something you may have heard of, in fact, if you haven’t heard of it you probably don’t get out much. The truth is that it’s one of the most beneficial technological advancements of our day and companies all over the world are employing this tool to grow and expand at a much faster pace than those without it.

Due to the popularity that surround virtualization, equal amounts of risks and opposition are naturally bound to follow. This is true for most anything that has a great impact on a company’s success.

The risks, or threats, that follow virtual platforms are generally derived from two main factors. These factors are flaws and motives. The flaws naturally exist within almost any kind of program. It’s near impossible to eliminate them all, at least in the initial stages. These flaws are the gateways to malicious activity.

The second threat is born from motive. This can refer to opposing actions from competitors, or just those who are out to hack programs and mess everything up. Whatever the motive may be, it’s often there and one of the major reasons virtualization security is an issue.

Now that we have established the fact that there are risks associated with virtualization, we can now ask what is being done to prevent such malicious behavior. Fortunately there are plenty of large and intelligent organizations working to develop security platforms that will allow others to utilize the benefits of virtualization without having to worry about their sensitive information being seen and abused.  Some of these companies include Catbird, RSA, Trend Micro, VMware, and HyTrust.


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