Are all lawyers the same

Posted on Apr 23 2012 at 01:53:24 PM in Law

Are all lawyers the same

 We live in an age where it seems that couples tend to end up at the end of their ropes, more often than not. When relationships go south it seems like one or the other of the married couples, are quite content to give up any chance of a positive end and file papers, in that all too familiar divorce court. There are many that suffer when two people get divorced but it is not always the children that get the raw end of the deal.


Somehow or the other, men seem to be treated as the rogue operators during any divorce proceedings and because society has chosen it, in many cases they lose the simple things that would keep their sanity, like joint custody and the ability to follow through with fair and regular visitations. Cordell & Cordell Is there to provide legal assistance for all men, while leveling the playing field to give them a fighting chance.


With Cordell & Cordell there should be no concern of losing everything that you ever worked for, because they do what it takes to ensure that a fathers rights are also protected. If you have a divorce in the future, don't trust just any lawyer to handle your case, choose the professionals who care about the rights of men, and protect your interests.

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