Applying Jan Tana Competition Tan with Ease for the Win

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Applying Jan Tana Competition Tan with Ease for the Win

It is highly important to have the right tan before a bodybuilding competition or any other show under extremely bright lights. All things being equal, a better tan can spell victory for one competitor over the rest. Even during mass auditions, the right tan can make a competitor stand out over the others. The reason why the right competition tan is essential is due to the kind of lights used on stage during figure competitions, dance auditions, or any other stage show. People who are less tanned will appear washed out by these bright lights, making them less noticeable or even hard to look at. The solution is Jan Tana Competition Tan.


Jan Tana tanning products have been used by many competition winners, for instance, winners in Olympia bodybuilding, and figure competitions. Bodybuilders, dancers, even stage performers use tanning products to counter the spotlights on stage. Jan Tana Competition Tan is a very convenient product that can simplify the hassles of going through the tanning process. However, the right tan is just as essential as a perfectly contoured muscle or a brilliant stage performance. As such, it is a necessary thing that when done perfectly with the right product could deliver great payoff.


To maximize the effect of using the product, some preliminary steps are needed, although less than with other products. It is really important to exfoliate the skin as preparation. This removes dead skin cells before any tanning base product is applied. Some people also get waxed a day prior to the application of a tanning product to let the skin rest and heal. The Jan Tana Skin Prep is the best product to use with Jan Tana Competition Tan. It peels the upper surface of the skin, makes it smooth, and corrects the skin’s pH balance, which is also important for the tanning product to remain consistent.


Some people’s skin would need more product to appear darker. Jan Tana Show Tan can be applied as a base tanning product several days before the competition. For people with really light complexion, applying a base tan three to five days before the competition gradually builds the color base. Just like the Jan Tana Competition Tan, the Show Tan can be washed off to remove the immediate dark color effect and still have the appearance of a sunless tan. This should be repeated the following day until competition time.


On the actual day of competition, the Jan Tana Competition Tan is ready to be applied over at least two previous applications of the Show Tan. Applying the lotion can be done in minutes. Using gloves is important so that the palms will not be overly tanned. As per the product’s instructions, using a damp sponge to apply the lotion on the body will give the best results. The product should be massaged into the areas of the body in a circular motion for quicker absorption.


After application, do not wear any clothing for ten to twenty minutes. It is best to time a second application two to three hours later just before going on stage. For greater sheen of the skin, use the Jan Tana Posing Oil. Do not use any other oils because some have petroleum products that can make the color run.


After the competition, the products gradually wear off after every shower. Using a Jan Tana Shower Gel will give a quicker result. It is also important to remember that applying a deodorant may change the skin’s pH, and this often results to a greening of the area where the deodorant was applied, so it would be inadvisable to do so before competition, and you can also save money by buying through promo codes for The Jan Tana Competition Tan is a tested product to make sure that the skin will have that needed tan on competition day.


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