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Hawaii is on of the top places for destination weddings. To get married in Hawaii you will need a Hawaii Marriage License. A Hawaii Marriage License can be obtained from an authorized agent. 

Who may apply for a marriage license in Hawaii? 

Hawaii does not require state residency or US residency. Hawaii does not require blood tests.Written consent is required for 16 old males and 17 year old females from both parents and legal guardian and the written approval of a judge by the family court. Females and males of age 15 who wish to marry have to have the written consent of both parents or of their legal guardians. Hawaii requires a proof of age. FOr anyone 18 and under a certified birth certificate must be presented. For anyone 19 years and over a valid I.D. or driver's license may be presented. For previously married a proof of the original divorce decree is required if the divorce was finalized within the 30 days of applying for the marriage license. If the former spouse passed away a death certificate is required if the death was less than 30 days ago.First Cousins are allowed to marry. 

How to apply for a marriage license in Hawaii:

The Prospective bride and groom have to appear together in front of the the license agent. All necessary documents mentioned under who may apply for a marriage license should be obtained ahead of time.The prospective bride and groom have to prepare the application form and file  it with the agent. The application maybe completed online, but can not be send in by email or mail. After the application is approved the marriage license will be issued.The fee for the marriage license if $60 plus $5 administrative fees. The fee can be paid online or in person at the time the application is submitted. The marriage license is good for the entire state of Hawaii, but not for any other states.The marriage license is goof for 30 days, including the application date. 

Where to apply for a Marriage License in Hawaii: 

For the names and phone numbers of local agents call the local health department office: 

Big Island -    (808) 974-6008 For more info go to

Kauai - (808) 241-3498

Maui - (808) 984-8210

Molokai - (808) 553-3208

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