Animal Crossing: City Folk – Copper Free Papercraft

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Animal Crossing: City Folk – Copper Free Papercraft

This papercraft is the Copper, based on the Animal Crossing: City Folk game series, the paper toy was created by Sabidiet. Copper is a dog who appears in all three Animal Crossing series games along with his working partner, Booker. His name comes from the slang term “Copper” meaning policeman. In all three games, Copper’s dedication to professionalism and his work is in sharp contrast with Booker’s doddering incompetence. Copper also prides early risers and warns the player to be careful when wandering around at night. Copper can not tell you about the lost and found, but he can tell you and type in friend codes with him. You can only visit other people’s towns by using WiiConnect24 or Nintendo WFC. He and Booker are shown to wield wooden pikes which shows that Tortimer has quite possibly permitted them to use,if necessary, non-lethal force. Copper works like any normal worker should, being straightforward with his job, unlike Booker.

Animal Crossing: City Folk, known in Europe and Australia as Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City, is a 2008 life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii console and the third game in the Animal Crossing series. It is also one of the first titles was re-released as a part of the Nintendo Selects collection in 2011.

In City Folk, the player character lives in a rural village populated with anthropomorphic animals, taking part in various activities such as collecting and planting. Similar to other games in the Animal Crossing series the game is synced to the Wii system clock and calendar, allowing the game to be played in real-time and affecting the occurrence of in-game events based on the current time of day or season. City Folk utilizes Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing players to visit one another’s villages via online play. The game is also the first Wii title to be compatible with the Wii Speak accessory, which enables voice chat.

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