Angry Birds

Posted on Aug 6 2012 at 07:05:43 AM in Humor

The Angry Birds are really making you angry.  J

How many hours did it take to learn everything? I mean, all the permutations of the Angry Birds' accomplishments?


Learning how to draw the catapult looks fun.  Intuitive even.  But learning how to maximise the explosions?  The blue birds dividing into three smaller birds!  Those suicide bomber birds.  White birds dropping explosive eggs.  The Angry Birds look more accomplished than a heroine's rival in Jane Austen.


How many hours to adjust for the pigs' increasingly complex fortifications?  For their switching building materials: concrete, wood... ice?  To work out by how much those helmets improve the pigs' health and safety: exactly how much more damage helmeted pigs can take? Those pigs wearing crowns!         


But you seem so good at it.


It must take up a lot of energy.


......Why do you hate the pigs so much?







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