Ancient history background About Intelligence services

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Ancient history background About Intelligence services


When writing about so emotive a topic, to start with an tempt at clarification. Secret intelligence, however; is a field of an activity in which clarity appears to be, and often is, en ... gulfed in obscurity. This is not only intrinsic, but often deliberate and not infrequently self-defeating. Let us take the humble example of the squid which exudes a black fluid in order to disguise its direction of escape from a potential enemy. The squid's enemy will attempt not only to penetrate the cloud of darkness, an attempt which will probably prove a failure, but will also calculate through knowledge of currents, submarine rock formation and so forth, the direction of escape that its enemy or prey is likely to take. Meanwhile the squid itself may become bewildered and lost in its own secret cloud and even have the misfortune to emerge straight into its enemy's jaws.


Let us take another, equally oversimplified, example. Women wear clothes not only, in many climates not even primarily, for warmth, but in order to attract the eye of the male. A man, it is said, having his attention attracted to the girl, will in his mind undress her as he passes her in the street or meets her at a party. And unless the woman is physically of very great beauty, or unless her dress-maker is quite lacking in talent, what the man imagines will almost always be superior to what he actually discovers should he be persuasive enough to induce her to take her clothes off. This sweet form of deception and intelligence will usually have a mutually happy ending, and has made many a couturier's fortune and fame. On the other hand the man who, like the Dadaist character in Annablume, lacks the intelligence to detect wig, false teeth and padding for breasts, and even mistakes artificial limbs for real legs, has been conquered by a superior intelligence, a secret intelligence. see more about 


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