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We have all heard of right? It is large genealogical research website that will help anyone learn important information about their family background and ancestors so they can make a family tree. The problem with the website is that it is just too pricey for some and they just do not want to part with the money. Finding alternatives seems to be the best option, especially if those alternatives are free, however an promo code would save you a lot of money. Well I have found three websites that can serve as good alternative, and what makes them even better is you will not have to spend one cent to join them. as an alternative to Ancestry


There are plenty of alternatives you can find to, but if you are really hoping to get anywhere near the results you would get from using that website you are going to need an alternative that is the best. Well is the best when it comes to free options for sure and they are the largest. is very reputable and recommended. It has been around every since 1999 and it is offered by “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. 


Genuki as an alternative to Ancestry


When you are looking for an alternative to the biggest genealogical research website on the internet you do not want to end up signing on with one that has a bad interface. You want a website that is going to have a nice set up so that it is easy for you to browse though whatever information you want to with ease. Well Genuki is a free alternative that will allow you to do this. 


The thing about Genuki is that it will not always give you the best information and in some cases, it will only point you to other websites by means of a link. The issue with this is that you might have to spend money in order to access the information that might be on those other sites. as an alternative to Ancestry


The best way for you to research your family history is going to be for you to have access to burial records from not just cemeteries in the United States, but from cemeteries all around the world. is going to give you access to thousands of cemeteries all over the globe so you can do a comprehensive search of your family history. The website is free to use and it is easy. 


These alternatives are going to work for some, but they are not going to be enough for others who will feel they can find the best information on You can use all three of the websites mentioned in this article, but this would of course require more time. A good way to go would be for you to use's free 14-day trial and see just how powerful it is. This will help you determine if the money is worth it to spend.

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