An Eternity to look forward to

Posted on Nov 21 2012 at 07:29:08 AM in Religion & Spirituality

An Eternity to look forward to

Music carries a lot of weight in our society, so when we hear a song and get attached to it there is always the possibility that we would look at it as a part of our life. Some songs last longer than others, while many hold so true that the results can be uncanny.

It is unfortunate that the statements that are derived from a song can be taken quite so seriously, however, it is probably true to say that the songwriter had his/her own agenda when the words were put to paper. The difference is that what they originally intended to be may not be how the song actually turned out.

Being backed into a corner can have devastating results for many of us, so much so that we actually consider ending it all. That is obviously not the smartest decision to make and anyone who chooses that route will usually do so because they believe that there is no other alternative.

Every human being has the advantage of making decisions on their own, so if they manage to find themselves in such a predicament, they should be ready to weigh their options. Christians believe that we have the option of accepting our Savior, who died on the cross to help us deal with our sins and concerns.

Some people believe that avoidance of an issue is the best route to take, which means that we can simply walk away and the problem will be gone. I will be the first to admit that such an option will not always work, however, it is better than allowing myself to become depressed and suicidal.

The promise of the return of our Savior should be an incentive for everyone of us to take a closer look at our actions. Will we be ready to accept Him when He returns as promised, or will we allow ourselves to be torn into pieces by the trials and tribulations that this world continues to throw our way?


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