An Art from Ashes of Tradition

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Pop art, inspired by comic strips, advertising, and popular entertainment, is synonymous to any everyday object that is painted in a sharp, bold and colorful way. Being the neo-version of images of the popular mass culture, Pop Art is said to be the revolutionary art movement of the 21st century. The reversal, expansion, extension, or redefinition of the Abstract Expressionism gave birth to Pop Art, which is currently doing its magic in all areas of popular media like advertisements, films, comic books, billboards, magazines, etc. The images of the mass media are used to express comments and feelings of the artists. Expressions like humor, irony, criticism can be rendered in the images by applying art on them. Various pop art styles, named after the eminent artists of the 50's, 60's and 70's, are deployed by various graphic companies to give meanings and expressions to the images or objects in an advertisement or books. Artists of the early century equipped pop art as a means to give their comments on any thing/image that was in the limelight of the popular media. The advancements in the technology has paved way for transforming somber and sober images/objects to humorous and happy images with its fullest vividness and elegance. Pop Art is characterized by bizarre themes, yet state-of-the-art techniques that have set the traditional mass culture to a newer and creative perspective and ratio. Industry-best software like Photoshop CS is professionally maneuvered and steered by well experienced artists. The attitude of few early artists has led to the concept of pop art being grafted on to the popular culture. While the early artists used mechanical means of reproduction, today, this art movement rewards technical means to the artists to render techniques that can produce sophisticated fine art pieces.



Pop Art is believed to be the new avatar of the concept of Abstract Expressionalism. Today, Pop Art is finding its way into the advertisements, billboards, comic strips and mundane everyday objects, which is reproduced to express feelings or meanings, or to give it a humorous perspective. Various styles are incorporated into the objects of the mass culture. Pop art is rendered to objects in the form of an image or icon, which after isolation from its context, is redefined in the art world.


Every tools in the Adobe Photoshop CS like adjustment layers, posterize filter, and channel mixers, are meticulously handled by the professionally qualified designers and artists to create better-looking results and to widen its scope beyond the popular culture, like advertisements and books. Magazines, T-shirts, and coffee tumblers are also embossed with exquisite and representational art designs that are majorly used as gifts, presents, giveaways, or freebies.


The pop art service providers worldwide employ various pop art styles like Avatar Style, Flame Style, Horror Style, Lichtenstein Style, Line Style, Love Style, Obama Style, Wanted Style, Warhol Style,etc. These styles are named after the founder artists or have found their origin from movies or personalities that might have impacted and evoked the people to try them out on themselves.


The most famous style that is now capturing the want from people of different age groups and categories all over the worldwide is the Avatar Style. The Avatar style had its origin from the 2010 blockbuster Hollywood movie, “Avatar”, which succeeded in grabbing the applaud and interest of the audience. Since then, this style is being used by the people, especially the teenagers and youngsters, who want their image avatarized and be posted on social networking sites, T-shirts, etc. This style is more popular and in demand among the youth for their personal interest.


Yet another style, the Flame Style, is said to have its birth from the Hollywood movie, “Ghost Rider”. This style is opted for its flame effect that can portray an image of wild and daring to the others. Similar to the movie, the head and the body would be artifacted as burning and blazing flames. Magazines and T-shirt have such styles on them.


Wanted Style renders a Mexican mood to this style. Mimicking a person with the wanted label posters, which are usually found in the Texas, Mexico, and other South American regions, can been commonly used as gifts and wallpapers. The Love Style is used to elicit the romantic mood between two lovers. This is commonly used to produce designs that can be used to give birthday gifts to lovers.


Styles like Lichtenstein Style and Warhol Style are named after versatile artists of the 1950's and 70's, who produced noteworthy and eye-catchy pop art works that have immortalized many personalities and objects. These artists have donated thought provoking and novel pieces to the art industry, which is today preserved and followed in its fullest and purest essence. Line style is also a form of style that has originated from the Warhol style. Andy Warhol had simplified the lines in his image, applied flat colors and regenerated extraordinary images from the ordinary objects.


The 21st century is now witnessing a revolution in the fine arts world. The visual commodities of popular culture are refined, recreated, and revamped according to the perspective of fine art. This form of neo-art is believed to take pop art to the next level of the Art-Age.





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