An Abundance of Castles

Posted on Nov 22 2011 at 12:33:49 AM in Travel

Walking through Scotland is more than likely the best workout imaginable. Besides from being a great way to get into shape, walking also provides one with the opportunity to take in the fresh air and truly appreciate the small little wonders that are often missed on guided tours. Whether you are determined to get the best photos, or just have a desire to go off the beaten track, Scotland is the place for you. Unfortunately, I discovered Scotland the hard way. Our tour van broke down on the side of a highway and we were advised to walk to town. It didn't seem that far of a hike according to the map, but as many of us know high-heels are not the best footwear to walk any amount of distance in. When I recollect this memory I have to laugh at how funny I must have looked. Sure, at the time there was little humour involved. Yet, time has passed and the best cure is laughter they say.

All in all, I love Scotland. The people there are so warm and inviting, and there is just so much history to take in. I especially enjoyed the various castle tours that we had the opportunity to go on. They provide you with the best insight into what it must have felt like to live in such a beautiful country hundreds of years ago. Whether you are staying in an Aberdeen city centre hotel, or a Hotel in Edinburgh centre, you can rest assure there are ancient grounds only minutes away. My husband and I have stayed at an Aberdeen city centre hotel as well as a Hotel in Edinburgh centre and were pleased with both. It is difficult to find any issues with such a wonderful country. If anything, they could improve on their cuisine, but you can avoid it if you desire.

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