An (a)political Liverpool

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Liverpool, West Derby is in itself a constituency of England; one of five which represent the city of Liverpool. The constituency represents itself in the House of Commons in Parliament and it has an MP (Member of Parliament) which is elected by general elections through a first-past-the-post system. The constituency covers the north-east of Liverpool and there are a lot of hotels in Derby if this is an area you are interested in visiting. Other towns within the area include Norris Green, Croxtheth, Knotty Ash, Tuebrook and Gillmoss.

This West Derby constituency was modified for the 2010 general election when the people of Merseyside wanted a full review of how they would be represented within the government. Initially, they proposed to create a ‘Croxtheth and Kirkby’ seat but this was rejected. The seat is often considered as being ‘safe’ for the Labour Party, who has managed to win it in every general election after 1964. In the early 1980s, the Social Democratic Party did manage to hold the seat after Labour MP Eric Ogden left the party, but then Labour once again won the seat during the 1983 elections. Currently, Labour MP Stephen Twigg holds the constituency. The conservatives may have held the seat before 1964 but support for the party has fallen drastically in the past few decades. This is evident in the fact that they have finished in fourth place in the past four general elections. In 1997 and 2001, the constituency became prime focus when it was the only one in England where a minor party, the Liberal Party, was able to come second in the polls.

With Liverpool ranging different political views across its breadth, this makes the city a great hotspot for parties dying to get that extra seat in the general elections. Furthermore, as the city builds itself up both socially and culturally, shown by the expansion of modern Liverpool city centre hotels, the ever-longing gaze of politicians are sure to be fixed on this North-West city in the years to come.

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