Amega Global Review, Can You Really Wave Your Amega Global Magic Wand And Become Wealthy?

Posted on May 19 2010 at 08:00:08 PM in Business & Economy

Amega Global reveals its magical wand! Can you actually wave your magic Amega Global wand and live an improved, richer life?

This Amega Global review will offer you key information to aid you with making your own evaluation. And you can be certain that this information is unbiased, since I am not a part of Amega Global.

Amega Global Review

The business was established in February, 2006 to make and promote wellness products. They operate via network marketing distributors, positioned throughout the world. The company presently has offices established in 17 countries and is looking to expand. Their vision is to supply health, wealth, and happiness.

The Amega Global Executive Team

One of the main areas to look at when you think about joining a company is its leadership team. Does the team boast the experience and personal history to run the company profitably? Are they able to build the business to be profitable for numerous years to come?

The key executive team:

President, Eric Banks, has a substantial background in worldwide finance and wealth management.

CEO, Arun Kemer, has an extensive background in teaching and inspiring individuals to realize their full potential.

Calvenn Starre, VP of Business Development, brings his network marketing experience to the business. He has a reputation as a top producer for a thriving healthy juice business.

Rick Fleshman, VP of Marketing and Operations, brings over 20 years of lucrative multilevel marketing experience to the company.

They certainly have a highly seasoned leadership team in place. You can review more details by visiting

Amega Global Product Offerings

They make and promote products delivering nutritional, environmental, personal, and financial wellness. This includes energy powders, massage oils, facial creams, water filtration, and zero point energy products.

One of their revolutionary offerings is the Amega Wand. It is based on the theory of zero point energy. The Amega zero point energy wand uses magnetic energy to return your body to its proper balance. You benefit from less pain, along with improved energy and well being.

The Amega Global Business Opportunity

Amega Global is a network marketing opportunity. The compensation plan incorporates a binary model and includes a number of ways that representatives can produce income.

You can retail their product or sell to preferred customers. You can recruit a team and earn cash from fast start bonuses, mega matching bonuses, team binary commissions, team generation bonuses, leadership pools, and a builders pool.

Distributors can enroll in the company for as little as $49, but it would be wise to purchase and check out their products. This is a business where you want to realize and enjoy the results personally.

Is Amega Global The Best Opportunity For You?

Amega Global established itself as a solid opportunity offering top notch products. Their products are rather unique in the growing wellness marketplace. My friend and expert in this arena, Duncan Crow, strongly recommends this business and its wellness products.

The leadership team has the qualifications and MLM know-how to continue developing this business. Statistically businesses that have been operating for over 3 years tend to remain in business more than 70% of the time.

What about you? Do you have any MLM background or is this relatively new to you? Remember this is an opportunity that requires marketing and sales to be successful. Are you willing to find out how?

How To Become A Top Earner

It is fascinating to look at what the recent top earners in Amega Global and many other ventures are doing. They figured out how to mix traditional network marketing strategies with online marketing strategies. The result is an endless flow of laser targeted, free prospects for their business.


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