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Posted on Jan 18 2012 at 03:30:16 AM in Shopping & Services

After the success of its first phone - Omnia 7- that runs on Microsoft’s OS, mobile giant Samsung has now come up with a sizable successor- Samsung Omnia W. The handset, following the suit, happens to be one of the first Samsung phones to run on Windows latest phone release Mango. With a 1.4 GHz processor and an 8 GB internal memory Omnia W is sure to run along for a long time. For a mid-market Windows phone, this sounds good but to get a better idea of how the phone will do, here’s a detailed description:

Analyzing the Design: The design of the set closely resembles that of Omnia 7 which means the wow element is missing largely. With the same black gloss exterior and standard aluminum back, the phone’s design can be rated as average. The light weight of the phone, 115 g to be exact, and the easy to grip body structure surely manages to bring some joy to our faces. The phone just has one rear camera of 5 mega pixel which shoots only at 720 p. The 3.7 inch bright colored screen with a 480 X 800 pixel display is highly responsive, though the high aspect ratios leave a lot to be desired.

Testing the Interface: Samsung Omnia W with a Windows interface is well-thought out and fun to use. There happens to be no sign of sluggishness whether you browse through the menu, surf the Internet or download the apps. There are, however, certain drawbacks as well. Firstly, the list of applications keeps piling on. This means the more applications you download the more you have to scroll, which is not correct from usability perspective. Secondly, the phone misses out on extensive apps like the one’s included in Lumia 800, Nokia Maps, Mix Radio and Nokia Drives.

Exploring the Multimedia: The multimedia in the Omnia W does not work any wonders. The phone has a 5 MP camera that fails to deliver masterpieces. It is easy to use but delivers optimum results only in well-lit areas as the flash light tends to over-expose. Even after the environment is well-lit, the photos miss the sharpness and detailing. The video recording also isn’t completely HD. The audio quality is mediocre. The loudspeaker passes the audio test averagely but the signal in the headphones is not powerful enough. The web browsing experience isn’t extraordinary either. Like all other Windows handsets, the search engine used in this is Bing which obviously does not work as nicely as Google. The organization of favorite is pretty easy and the web pages are opened quickly. This mobile set may not be the perfect smart phone but it definitely is an average one. If the features and qualities of Samsung Omnia W lure you then you can take a step ahead and look for the best price Samsung Omnia W contract.

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