Alivea Cream for Eczema Treatment

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You may have already read my review of the Alivea Cream and how effective it is for treating sunburn, so read on for my additional review on how it worked for my eczema. Again, I did receive a FREE sample of the Alivea Cream and was asked to give an honest review, so here it is.

A Brief Explanation of Eczema

Eczema is a pretty broad term for several types of skin conditions that cause irritation, inflammation and sometimes very itchy skin rashes. Eczema is most commonly associated with atopic dermatitis which is commonly found in persons with families that have a history of allergies or asthma. It appears as very dry, scaly and thickened skin and is usually very itchy. The rashes most commonly appear on the bends of the knees and elbows, wrists, hands, feet and the face but it can appear in other areas as well. It affects over 30 million Americans and 65% are diagnosed before age one, and 90% of patients experience it before age five. In a majority of cases, symptoms fade during childhood but some will have symptoms their entire life. There is no exact cause of eczema but it’s thought to be caused by an overactive response to an irritant by the body’s’ immune system. There is no cure for eczema currently, although there are a plethora of treatments available and no, eczema is not contagious.

Alivea Cream as an Eczema Treatment

My eczema is most prevalent on my hands, neck, back, around my ear lobes, on my eyelids, outer sides of my arms and spotty all over my legs. I do my best to control it with creams and lotions that I slather on everyday immediately after my showers, and I use my Fluocinonide Cream, which is a prescription corticosteroid, for my flare ups.

At the time I received my sample of the Alivea Cream, I had a bit of eczema on my eyelids and some recovering spots on my neck, arms and legs. What I mean by recovering spots is that usually when I have a flare up, I HAVE to use my prescription Fluocinonide cream to stop the itch and pain and make sure it doesn’t get worse. I use it once or twice and usually that “kills it” or at least reduces the redness and irritation, and then it becomes a dry patch of skin. From this point on I continue to apply a regular cream or lotion to the spot until it goes away. Unfortunately one of the side effects of using the prescription corticosteroid is that it thins the skin and also discolors it so I have lovely white spots all over my body. Are polka dots in style this year?

So at bedtime I applied the Alivea cream to these spots and found that for my eyelids especially it was easy to apply and was a great consistency. So many times I apply a cream to my eyelids and it somehow gets into my eyes causing them to burn and become quite irritated. With the Alivea Cream, because it only contains three ingredients which are olive oil, beeswax and water, it is more of a wax type product. I was able to apply just the right amount and didn’t have any irritation to my eyes. I would think that even if I did get some of it in my eyes it probably wouldn’t do any damage since it is all-natural. I haven’t tested that theory and will try not to!

After 2 weeks of applying the cream to my eyelids, the eczema has subsided drastically and it is not as itchy or inflamed as it once was. NOTE: Before using the Alivea Cream I tried a prescription medication (just for the eye area) for over 2 months, on and off, and it never went away. Both the Alivea and the prescription ointment kept the eczema from worsening but the Alivea worked faster and reduced the itch and redness more so than the ointment. I would much prefer to use an all-natural product over a prescription medication at all costs, particularly around my eyes and especially if they produce similar results.

I also applied the Alivea Cream to the recovering spots on my neck, arms and legs for the past 2 weeks only after showering and they have definitely improved. I think it would be beneficial if I applied it more frequently and I bet it would heal them completely. Note to Alivea: Create a travel size that can be stored and carried in a purse!

I will continue to use the Alivea Cream on these spots and on others that develop in the future since I really like the feel of the cream as well as the natural scent of it. Overall I give the Alivea team kudos for making such an effective product using only 3, all-natural ingredients. They made a fan out of me and I look forward to them developing other products in the future. For more information and to purchase the cream, please visit


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