Aliva Max Review, Is Alivamax Worldwide A Hot, Young, And Money Maker?

Posted on Mar 28 2010 at 02:04:42 PM in Business & Economy

Is Alivamax Worldwide the opportunity for you to make tons of cash helping people look and feel younger? By the way, I am not involved with this company in any way, so this Aliva Max review is completely unbiased. What I intend to give you is some things to consider before you sign up in this business.

Alivamax Worldwide Review

The corporation was introduced in 2008 and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They provide cutting-edge anti-aging (cosmeceutical and nutraceutical) products for individual use. These products go after the world's aging market, which is enormous. Their distributors currently operate in the United States and Canada. The company plans to expand globally.

Alivamax Key Management

When considering an opportunity to enroll in it's critical to check out the background of those running the company. The company was founded and is run by Mark J Sain and Jerry Ricks. The team mentions that, combined, they have 70+ years of history building profitable companies.

Alivamax Worldwide Anti-Aging Products

The company offers scientifically proven products that target the needs of the world's older generation. Their anti-aging miracle serum is designed to give you a healthier, younger look by minimizing wrinkles. Next, they sell a dietary product trademarked as their fountain of youth. Additionally, they offer Jackie Chan's XGT, a green tea mix that gives you health and energy. There is a significant demand for products in this industry segment. There are also several companies trying to get a portion of this enormous market.

Alivamax Worldwide Compensation Plan

The company's compensation plan is based on a network marketing business model. Their plan includes retail sales, first order bonuses, monthly residual income from group volume (using a 3 x 10 forced matrix), matching bonuses, and a company bonus pool. There is no distributor starter kit to purchase. You can become a distributor simply by purchasing their product.

Alivamax Worldwide Training

The company offers traditional network marketing training via conference calls and regional meetings. Additionally, their website,, offers various documents, videos, promotional aids, phone scripts, 800 number plans, presentations, road signs, newspaper ad secrets, business cards, post cards, and sizzle cards.

Is Alivamax Worldwide A Good Business Opportunity For You?

The company is a relatively new business. The products are backed by science and address the needs of a growing market. The leadership has experience in developing profitable companies. Will the company be in business long-term? We'll know in time.

A major factor to take into account when answering this question -- is you. Do the products offered excite you enough to want to market them? Do you have any experience with multi-level marketing? Are you aware that you are looking at a business that requires marketing to be successful? Are you planning to use the traditional network marketing approach to build your business? Are you going to use the Internet to find leads for your business?

The top producers have studied how to employ the Internet to propel their team. They use a system to find laser targeted prospects. A system that allows them to create cash flow, even when people do not enroll in their primary MLM company.

Jim Hageman reveals the exact formula top money makers use to explode their business. If you're passionate about the Alivamax Worldwide opportunity and want to learn how to recruit new distributors faster, see what Jim Hageman recommends and get your free training right now.

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