After the Rain

Posted on May 21 2011 at 10:58:58 PM in Personal

“Tap. Tap. Tap.” “Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!” That heavy tapping on our galvanized metal sheets roof is now overpowering my hasty typing on my laptop’s keyboard. The rain drops really hard it reminds me of how I love those tiny drops of water from the sky when I was a kid: ·      Stick my tongue out and catch the rain hoping it would quench my thirst. ·      Fill a pail of rainwater then take a bath out of it.
·      Run barefoot under the rain and feel the slippery mud as it tickles my little feet. When I grew up, things change a little. It’s more than just playing outside under the rain; it’s now about how I interpret the rain in relation to the journey of my life. Life, for me, WAS unfair. It was when things always turned bad before it gets better. It was when during college that I only have 20 pesos for lunch when all I needed is 200 pesos for my textbook. It was when I chose to walk home to eat leftover lunch to save that 20 pesos to make it 200 soon. Life WAS indeed unfair when somebody you’re age at this time was lavishly living their own. But that was BEFORE. Before when all I see was the dark sky before the rain and the foggy atmosphere when it pours, that life was UNDERAPPRECIATED. And even when the rainbow comes out after the rain? I was inside the house fallen asleep.  Right now, I was able to make my own realization of how life is very similar to an environmental event like rain:
  • Life pours countless problems. It pours until it soaked us out – unless, we bring umbrella and wear raincoat and boots.
  • Just in case you were in the middle of an empty field and you were not ready for the coming rain,prepare to bathe yourself. There will come a time in our life that trials will be unpredictable that there’s nothing you can do but to face it with all your grace and bravery.
  • If you were about to go out of the house to have picnic with friends and the rain suddenly pours, then just stay inside, and sip a cup of hot cappuccino. If life won’t give you a choice to be able to face the problem, then let it be.  Enjoy that cappuccino and wait for the rain to stop, I am sure it will.
  • Because the moment the rain stops, green, lively tree leaves flourish, cool winds surround, the colourful rainbow abounds. There’s a rainbow always after the rain as there is better life after the worst trial.
  • Finally, we could change the first statement above: Life pours countless blessings. And when it pours, it will soak us out and we won’t need umbrella and raincoat and boots anymore.
Life’s blessings are like the rain. When it rains, it pours. 


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